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Payment Wizard Process


Payment Wizard Process

  • Manually start the Payment Wizard if it does not start automatically when you login to SAP Business One.
    • Administration>Add-ons>Add-on Manager.
    • Click on the correct Add-On to highlight and select start.
    • Add-On Status will change to Connected


  • Go to Banking>Payment System>Payment Wizard
    • Select Next


  • Select Start a New Payment Run
    • Select Next
  • Select General Parameters for your payment run
    • Payment Run Name - use a name that will easily identify if reselecting the payment run from the initial screen
    • Posting Date - the date that the payment will be posted to your Business Partner
    • Payment Type - Outgoing Payments
    • Payment Means - select either cheque or bank transfer.
    • File Path - folder in which you want to save your banking file
    • Next
  • Business Partner Selection
    • Select Business Partners by choosing the Add button.  Select All or by properties, Supplier Group or range of BP codes
  • Once BP's are loaded untick any suppliers you do not want to include in the payment run.  Note:  If BP's have zero balances they will be ignored so it is not necessary to untick them.
  • Select your parameters for the payrun.
    • Selection Priority - defaults to Due Date, but also able to select by Posting Date, Cash Discount or Pay-to-details
    • Due Date - transactions will be selected for payment based on the due date selected here.  Note:  Tolerance Days are entered via set up.
    • Next
  • Select Payment Method
    • Max Outgoing Amt - defaults to the GL balance (see GL balance column) of your nominated account.  It is possible to manually increase or decrease this amount.
    • Next
  • Recommendation Report shows the outstanding invoices that are recommended for payment based on the parameters entered through the payment engine


    • Select Expand All to show detail of invoices included for each BP
    • Un tick the invoices that are not to included in the payment run
    • For each invoice it is mandatory that the BP Ref. No field has been populated.  Make this visible through form settings.  If it is blank, drill into the document and populate the vendor reference number.
    • The Non-Included Trans. Button produces report below and indentifes those invoices that although fall within your selection criteria are not available in the recommendation report.  The Error Descriptions details the error.  It is possible to drill into the supplier from this report and amend the payment method etc to include the invoice or supplier in the recommendation report
  • Select OK to return to Recommendation Report
  • Save Options screen
    • Save Selection Criteria Only - allows you to save selection criteria but not those invoices that you have select or deselected
    • Save Recommendation Report - allows you to save the report for a future date to Execute.  Note:  both of the above are available from the first screen - Load Saved Payment Run
    • Execute - processes payment of the selected invoices and post a payment journal to the BP.
  • Document & Report Printing - from this screen print documents as listed or produce bank file for import to banking software.
    • Select Bank File icon to create bank import

Payment 12

  • Payment Engine screen
    • Select path to save bank file
    • Run the Test Run, if this completes successfully
    • Run the production run
  • Finish
  • The bank file will be stored in the location you have nominated in a folder called CBA_AUD. 
  • The folder contains a .txt file.  Please rename the folder to identifiable name ending in  .ABA.  The file extension must be .ABA in order to load into your banking software

Payment 15