Listening to you

First we listen and understand

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is pivotal to a successful implementation.  Systematic Technology Consultants will come into your organisation and listen to your requirements.  We want to make sure that we have a good understanding of exactly what it is that you do.


We then take the information away with us and document these procedures in accordance with our methodology to see that we have a complete understanding of all your procedures. During this process we will also perform a "Gap Fit" analysis to identify where the software you have chosen will not perform the function in the way you require it to.

A document will be provided to you at the end of this excersize detailing our findings and how we will fit your requirements into your software.  This also ensures that we are both on the same page regarding your implementation and  we both have the same clear picture in our minds of what the outcome will be.

Performing a thorough Business Analysis allows us to gain a big picture view of an implementation.  Having this view at the beginning of an implementation ultimately reduces unneccesary work and allows us to put together an achievable Project Plan and deliver within budget and on time.


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