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17 Characteristics of an Excellent Project Manager

Posted: 10:53 AM 26/02/2014

What differentiates a good Project Manager from an ordinary Project Manager? The following 17 Key attributes are what sets aside the good from the ordinary.

Successful enterprise change starts at the top.

Posted: 10:53 AM 30/04/2013

Lack of management knowledge and buy in can be detrimental to your implementation.

ERP customisation, is it worth it?

Posted: 10:53 AM 12/02/2013

During every ERP implementation this question will arise.  Have you considered the long term benefit vs cost when making the decision?

Fixed Price or Time and Materials?

Posted: 10:53 AM 07/02/2013

When given the option should you go with a Fixed Price Implementation or one based on Time and Materials?

ERP cost of ownership

Posted: 10:06 AM 05/02/2013

Calculating the cost of implementing an ERP system is not quite as simple as calculating the cost of the implementation.

Year End Processing

Posted: 10:53 AM 29/11/2012

Instructions to help you to use the Perform a Year End in SAP Business One.

Payment Wizard Process

Posted: 10:53 AM 27/11/2012

Instructions to help you to use the Payment Wizard in SAP Business One.

Year End Processing

Posted: 10:53 AM 22/11/2012

Instructions to help you perform a Year End Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Bank Reconciliations

Posted: 10:53 AM 20/11/2012

Instructions to help you create and process Bank Reconciliations in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Recurring and Reversing Journals

Posted: 10:53 AM 15/11/2012

Instructions to help you create and process recurring and reversing journals in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Costing Methods

Posted: 10:53 AM 30/10/2012

During an implementation one of the hardest conversations for a consultant to have with a customer surrounds the choice of Costing Methods.  It is important for customers to understand the different costing methods from a system point of view... 

Defining your Account Structure

Posted: 10:53 AM 26/10/2012

Implementing a new ERP system is the perfect time to redesign your General Ledger.  A well designed Chart of Accounts can make financial reporting easier and more flexible and is the backbone to your entire implementation...

Defining Crystal Parameters

Posted: 10:53 AM 01/10/2012

Lets say you define a new User Defined field againts the Item Master table (OITM) for a Product Variant. We will call the UDF U_PRODVAR...

To ERP or not to ERP?

Posted: 10:53 AM 01/10/2012

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software application that allows organisations to integrate internal and external management information accross an entire organisation, embracing and automating processes throughout the lifescycle of each individual transaction...

Discovering ERP Tiers

Posted: 10:53 AM 01/10/2012

As part of the process of selecting and ERP system that will suite your business it is important to determine the tier you belong to so you can be sure you are exploring the correct products...

How to choose the right ERP for you

Posted: 10:53 AM 01/10/2012

I was having a look around the web for tips surrounding selecting an ERP system and most of the results came back with very lengthy detailed instructions on selecting the correct Vendor, but didn't seem to speak to the solution as much as I would have liked...

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