Systematic Technology

wants your implementation to be successful.


We pride ourselves in making sure that you know we are there for you every step of the way throughout your implementation.  We follow stringent Project Management and Control processes to ensure the success of your implementation.

We do not want to own your solution and we make sure that by the end of the implementation we have empowered you with the right solution as well as the training to manage and administer it.

We start every new implementation with a complete Business Analysis of your organisation breaking every process into its simplest form and solving pain points systematically.  This ensures that we have all requirements covered and there will be no nasty surprises that impact time or budget.

Following the Surestep methodology, your implementation moves from the Analysis phase and into the build and test phase.  Once we are happy with the solution, we get you to test it to make sure that it is in accordance with your requirements and works the way you would like it to.

The next phase we move into is training.  We offer comprehensive training to ensure maximum acceptance, from your users, of the system.

We migrate all your information from your legacy system in preparation for the go live date. On the day you go live with your new system we will be there for you, holding your hand every step of the way until every user is comfortable and happy with the new system.

Once all this has happened it is our turn to learn from you.  We go through a lessons learned exersize where we talk openly about what went right and what went wrong with the implementation.  This helps us better ourselves and helps you, should you decide to embark on another project in the future.

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